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Puppy Training and Support for dedicated new puppy parents in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Feeling Puppy Puzzled?

Wether you’re working from home or enjoying retirement, puppy raising is a full time job and can be overwhelming to say the least. Between trying to avoid sharp puppy teeth, potty train, socialize, and instill good manners - initial puppy bliss can take a sudden turn as painful puppy biting, unexpected pee presents and stolen shoes are adding frustration and chaos to your daily agenda.

We hear you and we've got your back

Relief is on the way! As your puppy expert we put the joy back in puppyhood, the calm back into your life and help your puppy grow into the confident and amazing companion they are destined to become.

Ready to turn the tide? We've got your back with reward based, kind solutions for puppy raising and training in the Santa Cruz Mountains!

The 411

on Spotlight Puppy Academy

What we do

Wether you need help with successful puppyhood from the start, first manners or puppy problem solving - we've got you covered with in-person and convenient online solutions.

Who we do it for

Our services are a great fit for newly arrived (or soon to be arriving) furry fluff balls and their dedicated puppy parents, who seek expert support to make the most out of this special time.

Why we do it

We created Spotlight Puppy Academy because your puppy deserves ethical training, and you deserve the peace of mind of getting a great puppy head start.

Puppy Bliss, Puppy Training Success

How your puppy benefits

Pups learn 24/7 and they thrive through mindful early socialization, patterns, gentle guidance and reward-based training - It's never too early to get things started on the right paw - let us show you how!

How you benefit

Find relief and clarity! From mindful set-ups in your home to the important basic human skills of reward-based training - learn what makes your puppy tick, to feel more confident for future success together.

Where we're located

Our beautiful training location is just outside of Felton, CA in the Santa Cruz Mountains. To make it even easier to work with us, we offer online consults and training too - join no matter where you are!

Outside our area or looking for a DIY approach?

No worries! Like every puppy, we know every puppy parent is different! We also offer our very own online training program for those who have more time and  want to get in on the action of training their puppy from the comfort of their home!

Puppy Services

Puppyhood success for everyone

starts with a Puppy Consult

Wether you need help with your puppy troubles or plan for a joyful puppyhood right from the start,

during your puppy consult we provide peace of mind and introduce the basics: ideal set-ups for your home, potty training, puppy biting/chewing, realistic expectations, helpful daily routines, and more - with your unique puppy and situation in mind!

New Puppy Consult

$225 and includes:

  • 90 min Puppy Consultation (in-person* or online)

  • 30 min Follow-up Puppy Q&A via zoom

  • Access to Puppy Consult Online Classroom, includes video tutorials, handouts, socialization and enrichment package

  • For puppies 10 weeks and up

  • *if your location is within our service area

Then we'll continue the Puppy Joy!

The first months in your pups life are shaping her future. Wether you prefer a customized hands-on approach, learning and socializing in a group setting or just need specific tips or a boost of reassurance - we've got the puppyhood success training path for you! After your New Puppy Consult you get to choose from our puppy training with joy options below:

Lil' Pup Starter

8 Sessions/ $540 include

  • Vital foundations for all lil' pups and their humans

  • 4 x 60min weekly in person Puppy Training Sessions

  • 4 x 30min weekly extra support with customized Puppy Q&A's via zoom

  • Access to online Puppy Classroom Resource Library, includes training video tutorials as well as handouts

Vital foundations for all lil' pups and their humans

Lil' Pup Start Online

Single/$90 or 4 Sessions/$325

  • Leave the puppy worries behind: from "my pup won't..." to how do I..."?

  • Get customized answers and puppy training support

  • No matter your location, it's like we are in your living room but better!

  • Access to online Puppy Classroom Resource Library, including training video tutorials and handouts

Customized, Connected & Convenient puppy support

Puppy Classes


  • Learning with joy and age appropriate puppy levels

  • Small class sizes for individual attention

  • At our beautiful training location in Felton, CA

  • Extra support for each class cohort via weekly Puppy Q&A's via zoom

  • Access to online Puppy Classroom Resource Library

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The Spotlight Puppy Academy difference

What makes us a great choice for new, dedicated Santa Cruz County pet-parents?

Fun for both ends of the leash

We will never use force, fear, or pain to train your puppy - instead we will only use scientifically proven, humane training methods

Certified & experienced

In an unregulated industry, we believe that our own education is the key to success in training your puppy and earning your trust

Continued education

Learning never ends, not for your puppy, not for you and not for us. We will always seek the most up-to-date training information to make us better trainers

Tailored training

Our goal is to help your unique puppy become the best version of themselves, and for you both to live in harmony as a team.

Individual attention

You and your puppy deserve our focus and attention - we make sure that no student falls through the cracks by keeping puppy class sizes small

Relationships matters

Motivational learning takes place when needs are met and emotional safety is provided - a key element in our relationship based training approach for the both of you

Hi, I'm Simone!

Founder of SPA

I am a certified Family Dog Mediator and professional Dog Trainer certified through the CCPDT. Puppy training & welfare is my niche and jam. Helping you and your pups form happy human-canine relationships is my passion, and continued education is my dedication.

What clients are saying

Outstanding puppy training experience

“Both Paul and I are so grateful that you were our puppy trainer guiding us through so many valuable lessons. Riley and Ellie absolutely love you. Being an educator for over 40 years, I know the definition of a “good educator” and you check all the boxes. You simply made our puppy training experience so outstanding”.

—Kathy and Paul

“Simone is very kind, caring, patient and compassionate. There is no doubt that Simone loves what she does; she is truly passionate about dogs and their relationships with their humans.”

—Joanne C. 

“I am so thankful for Simone and her positive training, she breaks it all down so you can understand why you are using every tool.”

—Chenelle B

Ready to get started?

Outside of our area? Prefer to do it yourself?

We've got you covered, too!

Puppy Passion

Online Puppy Training Course - for busy puppy guardians everywhere!

Your puppy coach for successful puppy raising, training and socialization serving Santa Cruz mountains pet parents

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